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You have just completed your masterpiece ebook and you are ready to publish.  

What are you going to do about a cover?

You don't need a good cover.  You need a great cover!  Your cover can make or break you.

You can buy software and purchase pictures to make your own cover, but I recommend a professional designer.

From personal experience ...

I needed a cover to dress up the paper I wrote titled "Starting Your Own Business.  I went to Google and found all kinds of possibilities.  I settled on the Adwords ad that said "Stunning e-book covers Designed to your specs for only $39".  This is how I met AJ who lives in New Zealand.

When I read his sales page, I was impressed with the detail that AJ puts into planning the cover.  Based on the subject of the book, AJ recommends specific colors for specific subjects.  

AJ also recommended the spiral notebook appearance for my paper so it will not look like a large ebook.  This is just one of the many details that he takes care of for you.

I liked what I read and placed the order.  Ordering was easy!

I sent AJ the download link to the paper so he could read it to get a feel for the content.  I sent him the title for the cover, how I wanted my name on the cover, and the picture that I first used on the original cover page of the book.

Within 48 hours, AJ sent me this cover.



If you need an ebook cover, don't waste your time buying a package to save money. AJ charges only $39USD and produces the cover in 48 hours.

I highly recommend having AJ (a real professional) create an ebook cover for you.

Click here to go to AJ's info page.



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