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Evaluating Web Site Hosts

Web site hosts are best evaluated by first defining the mission of the website you want to host.  Then find a web site host that best supports that mission.

There is no one web site host that is all things to all people.

My Favorite Web Site Host

My favorite web site host is Site Build It.  With SBI, you do not have to be an Internet genius to build a successful web site.  SBI automatically performs the everyday site maintenance tasks and frees you up to concentrate on creating good content for your site.

If your website will rely on search engines for its traffic, Site Build It is the best web site host to use.  It automatically takes care of the details of website maintenance for you.  It automatically interfaces with the search engines to grow your traffic.

If you are building a quick website for a landing page or other reason that does not require search engine traffic and search engine optimization, I recommend or

I use all three of these hosts for various personal sites.  You ask, "Why do you use multiple sites?"  Good question ... It is to satisfy specific requirements of each hosted website.  Also, I had some websites already built and operating before I discovered Site Build It.

Let's discuss each web site host.

Site Build It (SBI)      

Site Build It is the best website host if you want to build a content website and are not experienced with the Internet.  

Why?  Well, let's take a look at SBI.

  • You concentrate on writing and building content for your site and SBI does the rest.  It has a feature called "Analyze It" that examines each page that you build and coaches you on how to improve its search engine appeal.

  • You do not have to know HTML or be a "techie" to build your website.

  • You do not need to know about search engine optimization.

  • You do not need to know about Google and Yahoo site maps and how to maintain them.

  • You do not have to update your RSS feed each time you change your website.  SBI does that automatically.

  • SBI provides the best keyword research tool on the Internet so you choose the right niche market to enter.

  • SBI provides a site blog for you.

Site Build It is not Just for Beginners.

It can also help those who are technically experienced since it does so much automatically.  I have been around computers for years and consider myself a  technically savvy individual.  I built and maintained several websites before I discovered SBI.  Now I use SBI since it puts so many of the nitty gritty maintenance jobs on autopilot.

How Much Does It Cost?

Upon initial impression, SBI seems expensive.  However, it really returns significantly more services and assistance for the money than the web site hosts that appear to be less expensive.

The old saying "You get what you pay for" applies on the Internet.  SBI is no exception.  The price of SBI is $299 USD per year.

Wow!  I had "sticker shock" when I first saw that price.

I was skeptical.  The first time I scanned through the table of features that is shown below,  I thought "This sounds like a bunch of marketing hype to me".

I had been burned by such Internet hype before.

I performed extensive research on the features of SBI and compared it to other leading web hosts.

While doing my research, I read the study that 35% of all SBI sites are in the top one percent (1%) of all web sites.

(Read the study at 

This got my attention.  I was impressed by the success rate of SBI sites.

I finally quit procrastinating and bought my first SBI site.

SBI Delivered What It Promised and More

SBI has more than met my expectations.  I have found SBI really is much more economical since it truly helps  you succeed on the Internet.

The following table compares three of the business level web site hosts with Site Build It.  Don't even attempt to compare SBI against "free" web site hosts or against "budget" website hosts.  That is the proverbial "apples and oranges" comparison.

Remember "Free" is not Free on the Internet.

Note:  This table of features is copied from the SBI website.

Feature Yahoo!
Web Hosting
Site Build It!
Costs $40/month $100/month $50/month About $1/day
Initial set-up fee $25 none $35 none
Domain name included
Fast, reliable hosting 350MB 10 pages 200MB unlimited
Data transfer 35GB unlimited 8GB unlimited
E-mail customer support
Telephone support
Point and click page building
Number of pages unlimited 10 pages unlimited unlimited
E-mail accounts 35 3 30 unlimited
E-mail forwarding
E-mail domain forwarding
Spam 'n Virus Blast It!
Best-of-breed, state-of-the-Net complete protection system against spam and viruses
Upload your own HTML pages
Page templates
Customized 404 page
Access Statistics
Tracker Links
Click Tracking and Analysis
Unlimited Custom Form Creation Tool (point-and-click)
Database storage for managing, searching and reporting of form data
Unlimited Single and Multiple Sequential Autoresponders Add
Catalog & Shopping cart Add
Plug-n-play w/
leading 3rd parties.

Store Build It!
Credit Card Processing Add
E-commerce U.S. only Add
Affiliate Program 
Password-Protect Pages
RSS/Blog It! (Automated Site-Blogging and RSS feed creation) New!
XML It! - point and click uploading of RSS and XML pages
PERL/CGI, PHP or ASP support No tech in SBI!
Submission to Google, Yahoo!, others Add
per 10 URLs
Unlimited URLs Unlimited submissions
Auto Re-submission to Google, Yahoo!, others
Index Checking and Rank Reporting Google, Yahoo!, others
Windows Live (formerly MSN Search) Submission (handles graphic-challenge)/Re-submission/Index Checking and Rank Reporting New!
Google Sitemaps (automated creation, submission, and re-submission) New!
Yahoo! Sitemaps/Site Feed (automated creation, submission, and re-submission) New!
Yahoo! Sitemaps/Site Feed (simplified authentication) New!
Web site analysis for Engine compatibility Add
Tracking of Search Engine 'Spiders'
Search Engine Listing report
Search Engine Ranking Report Add
2-Level Image Search Report Brand New!
Unique Keyword search reports for search engines
Ranking Reports for Directories
Unique Keyword search reports for Directories
Pay-Per-Click Mass Bidding
Keyword Research tool
Keyword Brainstorm tool State Of The Net
Beta! SiteSell Supply
Ground-breaking data about real content competition
Monetize It!
Optimize Content-Building, Ad-Selling, PPC-Buying
Brand New!
Choose It!
Choose your perfect niche and domain name
Search It! E-commerce Tool with over 100 advanced searches to build your business New!
Graphic Logo Creator & Editor
Graphic NavBar Maker & Editor
Fully Customizable Look & Feel
E-mail Marketing List Builder/Distribution Add
E-zine Publishing Tool Add
Spam Check Tool
Open Rate Stats for E-zine
Up-To-Date Best Practices Headquarters
Private Forums - The single best small business, help-and-be-helped, resource in the world. New!
Private Tips n' Techniques HQ New!
Private Resources HQ New!
Image/Shopping/Local Search HQ
Link Exchange Add
$0.25 CPC
Focus On Your Success
C T P M Process
Step-By-Step Marketing Guide
Costs $40++
Less than

If some of these features mean nothing to you, all the more reason to use SBI.  SBI understands the steps that you need to take to be successful.  It leads you through them.

Consider all the benefits that you get from using these features.

The benefits that you realize from these features significantly improve your chances of success on the Internet.

Look at an Example

Our site, Retirement Jobs, is our best performing site when measured by the volume of free traffic from the search engines.  SBI automatically performs the mundane maintenance and communication with the search engines to ensure that we rank as high as possible on them.

We started Retirement Jobs May 30, 2006.  In May, the site had three visitors.  I admit that I accounted for all the May visits while checking the site.

The traffic has grown steadily since then.  We now have approximately 50 unique visitors per day.  We do not pay for advertising so these are coming to us free primarily from the search engines.

Here is a look at the traffic statistics table from SBI (another tool that is included in the SBI price):

Summary by Month


Daily Avg

Monthly Totals

Visits Visitors Pages Visits Visitors Pages
Jan 2007 109 53 234 3388 1646 7282
Dec 2006 66 29 126 2070 907 3931
Nov 2006 39 21 82 1188 632 2471
Oct 2006 36 19 76 1136 613 2374
Sept 2006 28 16 67 851 492 2028
Aug 2006 19 10 56 619 315 1766
July 2006 13 6 33 426 216 1040
June 2006 5 2 13 166 65 380
May 2006 1 1 1 3 3 3

This is the good, steady growth that we want.  The retirement market will expand as the Boomer population retires.  We will be positioned to serve it.


If you haven't figured out by now, I confess.  I am a champion of SBI.  It is the best web site host to use to build a content site for your business in the years to come.

As an entrepreneur, I have started several businesses.

I have discovered when you launch a business, you need to take all the actions possible to ensure your success.  Using SBI and following the SBI implementation plan significantly improves your chances of success on the Net over any other web site host.  You can take that to the bank.

Pay for a Year in Advance

One other consideration about paying for SBI is that you pay for one year at a time.  That's right - $299.00 up front.  When I first heard that, I was surprised.

Then I learned the reason for requiring payment a year in advance and the policy makes very good sense.

When you launch into building a site on the Net, you will have days when you are discouraged, ready to quit, and forget the whole thing.  If you pay for your site monthly, it is easy to fold it up and quit.  Paying annually increases your commitment to "hang in there" since you are in for a year.

It may take a year to make your site successful.  If you quit before the year is over, you will never know if you could have made it or not.  The annual fee encourages you to stay with SBI.  This gives the SBI process time to make you successful.


SBI has an iron clad guaranteeYou have a 30 day free trial to test SBI.  You go ahead and pay, but you will get a full refund if you ask for it within 30 days.  You get all your money back and get to keep the domain name that you chose for your website.

If you decide that you want to stop using SBI any time within the first year, your money will be refunded prorated based on what part of the year has elapsed since you signed up.  If you leave SBI, you can keep your domain name.

Are You Really Serious about Making Money on the Internet?

If you are really serious about succeeding on the Internet, use SBI and realize your goals.  I assure you that SBI is the best website host to make you successful.

How Do I Learn About SBI?

SBI has volumes of information for you to read and study to help you understand SBI.  There are reports, web pages, audios, and videos.  I encourage you to learn about SBI.

Once you are informed and understand the value in SBI, I predict you will make the decision to purchase and launch your successful Internet business.

Remember that each day that you delay, your competition is moving into your niche market.  Get there and establish yourself before they do.

Click here to start your 30 day free trial.

If you would like to personally discuss SBI on the telephone, send me an email (john (at) with your phone number and the times when you are available.  I will be delighted to call you so we can discuss SBI.

If you are not ready to buy yet, click here to view a very good  video that explains SBI and how it works.

Pay special attention to the "Brainstorm It" section in the video.

In my opinion, complete and detailed market research before you establish your website is key to your success.  SBI guides you through this process.

Evaluation of web site hosts requires study and research.  There are so many website hosts, you can perform study and research forever.

Don't get locked into "analysis paralysis".  Take decisive action and DO IT NOW!


A great alternative is to become an affiliate of SBI.  It does not cost you anything.  You do not have to purchase an SBI site or any SBI products.

The benefits are significant:

  • Access to all SBI information.  This includes the written material and the very powerful videos.
  • Access to the SBI forums.  The SBI owner’s forum is one of the most powerful features of SBI.  When you own an SBI website, you do not need a consultant to help you with SBI.  Just post your question on the owner's forum and you will get all the help you need. As an affiliate, you can read the owners forum, but you cannot post to it.
  • There is an SBI affiliates forum where you can read and post.
  • You can promote SBI.  For every SBI site you sell, you earn $86.60 annually.  You are paid this each year that your customer renews the website.  That is a very attractive commission.
  • You have an extensive library of supporting sales material and sales support.

Click here to become an SBI affiliate

TAKE ACTION AND NOW IS THE TIME! -- DO IT NOW! has several plans from which to choose.

The lowest priced plan is the Express Excellence Plan which runs from $2.95 per month with no set up fee for a two year contract to  $5.95 per month plus a $25.00 set up fee for a three month contract.  You can check the details of this plan out at the Hostexcellence Home page.

I use the Business Excellence Plan which runs from $7.95 per month with no set up fee for a two year contract to $12.95 per month plus a $25.00 set up fee for a three month contract.  You can check the details of this plan out at the Hostexcellence Home page.  I personally pay for the services two years at a time to save money.

There are two additional plans for larger, more expensive hosting plans.  You can check these out the Hostexcellence Home page.

Hostexcellence provides dedicated IP addresses for each domain.  Most other web hosts do not do this.

Hostexcellence does not include a free domain registration.  You will have to register your domain yourself.

Hostexcellence runs Apache server which has a good control panel interface for managing your site(s).

To help you understand the control panel, I created a video about the control panel that you can view at:

I am very satisfied with the service that I get from Hostexcellence.  It has 24/7 telephone support and 24/7 live chat support.  I have used both of these services.

I use it for hosting the following domains:

Hostexcellence was founded in 2002 and is a solid company with a state of the art data center.

Click here to go to Hostexcellence and find a hosting plan that fits your needs.    

My main reason for using Hostmonster is their unlimited domain hosting feature.

To protect my main domain names, I purchase domain names that are similar to the main domain so a competitor cannot buy a domain close to the same name and divert the traffic that is trying to find my domain.  I call these "defensive domain names".

The price for the hosting plan is $5.95 per month.

One nice feature about the hosting plan is that it includes a free domain name registration.  I used that domain name to register my "fun" site

We have 29 domain name registered with  All of these are set to forward to the main domain name that they resemble except for the website.  It is a fully developed website.

Hostmonster does have live support and live chat, but it does not advertise 24/7 support.

Go to and find the features for you.


There you have it.  Since these three web site hosts are the ones I personally use, I am limiting my review to them.  I am not going to give you information about a web site host if I am not certain about the performance of that host.

Good luck in your future endeavors.  

Remember that good luck comes to those who work hard and work smart.



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