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"Make Your Words Sell" by Ken Evoy and Joe Robson

Well, I thought I was pretty good at sitting down at the keyboard and pounding out content that would entertain and sell.  Then I read “Make Your Words Sell” (“MYWS”) by Ken Evoy and Joe Robson.  I then realized that I have been a “babe in the woods” publisher on the Internet.  

The book teaches that all writers must start their writing project knowing what they want their reader to do at the end of the project.  

The first thing before you put a pen to paper, establish your most wanted response (MWR) that you want from your reader.  Then create and write to get that MWR.  Keep focused and write only to accomplish that goal.  

The MWR may be a click of the mouse on the Buy button.  It may be the click on the Subscribe Now button for your ezine.  Bottom line – the MWR is the action that you want your reader to take.  

Sell Benefits versus Features  

Like so many writers, I tend to focus on features in my writing.  Not on the most important thing that an Internet reader wants.  

And what, pray tell, is that?  

Benefits, that’s what!  Readers are looking to solve a problem.  They are looking for benefits that will solve a problem.  

Write to Sell Benefits!  

SWAT Method  

There is a great trick taught in this book that is so obvious, so simple, that solves the feature versus benefit issue.  When you want to list a feature ask yourself “So what?” about the feature.  Answer that question and if the answer leaves room for another “So What?”, answer that question.  Keep doing this until you cannot ask the “So What?” question again.  (“So What?” = SWAT).  

When you reach the point where you can not SWAT it again, you will have the true benefit that you need to use in your copy.  

Sidebar:  I hope you think that this is as brilliantly simple and effective as I do.  

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)  

Another major point that the book stresses is to establish your unique selling proposition (USP).  Your site must be unique. You must establish this very quickly with your reader.  If you do not, your reader will click right on past you since you are just another site floating along on the sea of the Internet.  

Establishing your USP is sometimes a difficult task.  The book helps you drill down to the basics and establish your USP.  You cannot sell your site well without knowing your USP.

Write for a Scanner  

No, not for a computer input scanner.  For a reader who scans your copy instead of reading it.  

The book has two chapters, Copywriting 101 and 102.  These cover the basics of writing on the Net.  This is an absolute must for anyone who writes for Net publication.  Writing for the Net is very different than writing for printed text – and why is that?  

The answer is your reader is not reading, but is scanning your wonderful copy that you have slaved to create.  (That frustrates me when I worked so hard to create this brilliant work).  Be that as it may, that is a fact of the Net.  Write to appeal to the scanning reader.  


You can write for the scanner with well placed headings that tell the outline of the content.  In fact, the author says that the headlines should tell the basic story if the reader does no read anything in between.  

Use BOLD in sentences  

Bold in sentences attracts the eye to the key words and thoughts in a paragraph.  The scanner will usually pick these up.  

White Space and Paragraph Length 

Vary paragraph length and leave plenty of white space.  A full page of black text stops a reader cold from scanning any further.  A little variability of paragraph length looks interesting.  

Cut to the Chase  

This is the best book I have read about writing copy for informing or selling on the Internet.  It used to cost $29.95.  It is now FREE.

It is easy to download, and it will help you you generate sales by using the techniques that it teaches.  

Learn the art of e-Persuasion.

To get your copy and immediately (after you have read the book) start to use these techniques, click on the following link.  

Download MYWS now and improve your writing for the Net many times over  

When you land on the MYWS sales page, you will see the usual sales information.  (Remember that the sales page was created by the same people who wrote the book).  Study the copywriting techniques as you scan down the page.  See what you can learn as you move toward the link to buy the book.  

A major reason for people failing on the Net is procrastination.  Don ’t be a victim of this terrible disease.  Order MYWS now and immediately change the effectiveness of your writing on the Net.

Download MYWS now - Don't delay- It only costs YOU! 


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